6th Edition

15th-20th June 2013
Kraków, Tarnów, Oświęcim, Tuchów, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Brzeszcze Rzeszów


6th Festival

Photos from the 6th edition!

In the 2013 Main Competition 23 films were presented to the audiences – 7 features and 16 short films from eleven different European countries. They offered a whole spectrum of children’s cinema: live-action adventure-packed films, beautiful traditional and computer animations, films about overcoming weaknesses, about magical worlds, about unexpected friendships and communicating with adults. Funny, surprising, touching, bearing positive messages.

They have all competed for the Green Frogs awarded by the Adult Jury of Film Professionals, Children’s Jury and the Festival Audience. For the first time apart from the 2000 euro award for the Best Feature Film – the Best Short was awarded with 500 euro prize.


As during every edition, directly after the screenings the children were invited to join the film workshops. Guided by film professionals they had the chance to become actors, direcotrs and creators of stop-motion animation. They have learned about the work done on film sets, including the ones that are covered in green fabric for shots of special effects. This edition was also focused on films that are book adaptations. Authors of children’s books were present to sign copies of their work and discuss the process of making a film out of literature.
Special events included:

  • Animatworki – stop-motion animation workshops
  • Greenbox
  • Workshops by the Krakow Film School
  • Film-themed masked ball
  • Special meeting with the director, cast and crew of the film “Felix, Net & Nika and The Theoretically Possible Catastrophe”
  • Meeting with Agata Battek, the author of the tale “Leon i jego nie-zwykłe spotkania”
  • Meeting with Michał Zawadka – Social savoir vivre
  • Q&A after the Competition screenings with international guests of the Festival

filmy dzieci

The Festival held the 2nd Amateur Film Competition – young people from the entire country have sent their film works: live-action, experimental and animations in all tecniques. We have received a large amount of entries of fantastic quality and we have showed them to the audiences in a special section. Many awards were handed out during the Closing Ceremony, funded this year by the BRE Bank Foundation and the Internet Portal Czasdzieci.pl.


Feature films

Felix, Net i Nika oraz
Teoretycznie Możliwa Katastrofa

dir. W. Skrzynecki, Poland, 104 min.

Clara and the Secret of the Bears
(Clara und das Geheimnis der Baren)

dir. T. Ineichen, Switzerland, 93 min.

My father is a Detective – The Battle
(Mijn Vater is een Detective – The Battle)

dir. W. Wissink, The Netherlands, 82 min.

Mike Says Goodbye
(De Groeten van Mike)

dir. M. Peters, The Netherlands, 93 min.

Allez, Eddy!b>
(Allez, Eddy!)

dir. J. de Goeij, Belgium, 97 min.

The Jungle Bunch
(Les As De La Jungle – Operation Banquise!)

dir. D. Alaux, E. Tosti, Francja, 55 min.

Wickie’s Great Journey
(Wickie auf Grosser Fahrt)

dir. C. Ditter, Germany, 96 min.

Short Films

Antoine’s 4 Seasons
(Les 4 Saisons d’Antoine)

dir. G. i P. Beziat, France, 35 min.

Grand prix
(Grand prix)

dir. M. Riba, A. Solanas, Spain, 8 min.

The Club of Ugly Children
(De Club van Lelijke Kinderen)

dir. J. Elbers, The Netherlands, 27 min.

Anouar’s Moon
(De Maan van Anouar)

dir. M. van Jaarsveld, The Netherlands, 25 min.

Magic Lilly
(Zauberhafte Lilly)

dir. A. Morell, Germany, 15 min.

Mami Fatale
(Mami Fatale „Pod Fatalną Banderą”)

dir. M. Wasilewski, Poland, 10 min.

My Strange Grandfather
(Moi strannyi dedushka)

dir. D. Velikovskaya, Russia, 9 min.

My Mother is an Areoplane
(Moya mama – samolet)

dir. J. Aronova, Russia, 7 min.

About a Little Pillow
(O poduszeczce)

dir. L. Skvorcova, J. Polak, Poland, 3 min.


dir. M. Kozari Mela, Greece, 8 min.

The Boy in the Bubble
(The Boy in the Bubble)

dir. K. O’Rourke, Ireland, 8 min.

The Fisherman and the Bttom of the Sea
(Rybak na dnie morza)

dir. L. Gałysz, Poland, 13 min.


dir. A. Chernisova, Russia, 6 min.


dir. A. Olech, Poland, 2 min.


dir. M. Pianezzi, Italy, 8 min.

Parauszek Bunny “The Key”
(Zajączek Parauszek „Klucz”)

dir. K. Brzozowski, J. Łechtański, Poland, Switzerland, 10 min.